Recent roles
Cathy Owens, wife of Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) in Season 4 of STRANGER THINGS. Helicopters, late-night visitors, government soldiers on secret missions. . .  Shot on location in New Mexico
Moira in the award-winning feature film THE WANTING MARE, released 2021 (NY Times' "5 Science-Fiction Movies to Stream Now" - Aug. 2021, plus glowing reviews in Variety, LA Times, etc.)
"Muther", a nasty mastermind on DOUBLE CROSS Season 2, streaming on ALLBLK
Merritt in the feature film BOLIVAR, an intimate family drama released Fall 2021
Jeanne Marie on multiple episodes of NBC's DAYS OF OUR LIVES (2020) -- speaking French, quand meme
And. . .
Currently seen on Youtube's ALTER platform in INSTINCT - a multiple award-winning short thriller
p.s. Christine is a native Angeleno, speaks French, has both American and Swiss passports and was an award-winning copywriter before turning to acting in her 40's.