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Christine Kellogg-Darrin

Stats: 5’8”
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Film - partial list

REBEL MOON   'Hervor'   Director Zack Snyder

BILLY KNIGHT   'Ms. Bazemore'   Director Alec Roth

BELLYACHE   'Mya'   Director Van Ditthavong

BOLIVAR   'Merritt '  Director Nell Teare

THE WANTING MARE   'Moira'   Director Nicholas A. Bateman

FIRST PERSON: A FILM ABOUT LOVE   'Deborah'   Director Ashley Cahill

INSTINCT   'Isabelle'   Director Maria Alice Arida

MAMMOTH   'Joni Thompson'   Director Ariel Heller

ACE THE CASE    'Christina'    Director Kevin Kaufman 

HONESTY   'Christine'    Director Mark Pellington
GOING TO AMERICA    'Granny'    Director Param Gill 
BOILING POT    'Sheila Davis'    Director Omar Ashmaway 
SPANNERS   'Ophelia Salt'    Director Jonathan Maas 

TIDES   'Catherine Rhodes'   Director Risto Tuominen
DAWNING   'Laura'   Director Gregg Holtgrewe

MONTANA   'Tall Blonde'   Director Alexander Atanesian

FINDING JENUA   'Faye'   Director Alison Mason

PAULIE (Grand Jury Prize - short @ Palm Springs Fest '12) 'Tony's mom'   Director Andrew Nackman


HAL & HARPER    'Grace'   Director Cooper Raiff

STRANGER THINGS Season 4   'Cathy Owens'   Director Shawn Levy - Netflix

DOUBLE CROSS Season 2   'Muther' Director Christel Gibson - ALLBLK Streaming

DAYS OF OUR LIVES   'Jeanne Marie'   Directors Albert Alarr, David Shaughnessy - NBC

CODE BLACK    'Dr. Amanda Cistulli'    Director Larry Shaw - CBS 

BAD TWIN    'Mrs. Beasley'    Director John Murlowski - LIFETIME

SHAMELESS    'Moon'    Director Lynn Shelton - SHOWTIME

GREY'S ANATOMY   ' Loretta Brown'    Director Geary McLeod - ABC

CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS   'Mary Davis'   Director Paul A. Kaufman - CBS

THE NEIGHBORS    'Country Club Member'    Director Chris Koch – ABC
UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER    'Dr. Diane Keats'    Director F. Paul Benz – TLC
WEST HOLLYWOOD    'Cathy'    Director Mort Nathan - pilot
STUFF HAPPENS w/ BILL NYE    'Mary'    Director Kurt Sayenga – DISCOVERY
MURPHY'S GUIDE    'Producer'    Director Evan deRouen – Tennis Channel

JIF   Director Wayne McClammy

BUICK    Director Peter Berg

AT&T    Director Rupert Sanders
CARL'S JR.   Director Chris Appelbaum
DODGE    Director Steve Rogers
PRINCESS CRUISES   Director Jamie Rafn

TIME WARNER   Director Jesse Dylan

ZALES   Director Ray Dillman

US BANK   Director Ken Arlidge

Commercial - partial list
Training & Workshops


SCENE STUDY  Diana Castle   The Imagined Life
VOICE (Linklater)   Linda Bisesti

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE   Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad
PERIOD MOVEMENT   Cynthia Beckert

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